Turing Tests: Number Puzzles

  • £7.99
Put your logic skills to the test with this mind-bending collection of number puzzles, published in association with The Turing Trust.

Alan Turing was a World War II codebreaker who deciphered top-secret Nazi messages to secure an Allied victory. These conundrums are inspired by his genius problem-solving skills and are designed to present a tough challenge. Divided into three levels of increasing difficulty, these number puzzles will train your brain and improve your logic skills as you work through the book.

These number puzzles include:
• Latin squares
• Futoshiki
• Hexagony
• Combiku

Sales of this book support the work of The Turing Trust, the charity set up by Alan Turing's family in his memory to provide much needed computers to schools in Africa. It is introduced by Sir Dermot Turing, the nephew of Alan Turing and trustee of Bletchley Park, the former British codebreaking HQ.