Dr Haushka

Cosmetic Sponge

  • £5.00

Dr Haushka is a very well-known and trusted skincare brand that has been making pure, natural products from plant extracts since 1935, products that smell divine and allow the skin to breathe. Ethical, wholly natural and where possible, using biodynamic agriculture techniques, Dr Hauschka supports the skin's natural functions and helps restore and maintain balance. 

A 100% unbleached cotton cellulose cosmetic sponge, ideal for using during cleansing and for removing make-up

What it is
Dr Hauschka Cosmetic Sponge is made from 100% unbleached cotton cellulose and is ideal for usage during cleansing and for removing make-up.

Key Ingredients
- Unbleached cotton cellulose swells in size when moistened, and is also quick drying

How to Use
Moisten the Dr Hauschka Cosmetic Sponge before using it to make it swell. The porous fiber allows for quick drying, keeping it hygienic.You can wash the Cosmetic Sponge in the washing machine at 60 °C.