Seed Pack - Dill 'Diana'

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These beautifully packaged seeds are a perfect little gift to inspire a home cutting garden, for anyone with a window box or garden.

Plant the seeds near your kitchen for easy picking and zesty flavours.

A refreshing, feather-like leaf garden herb.

Dill ‘Diana’ is a compact, leafy variety with tiny yellow flowers and dark green leaves. This variety is resistant to bolting and adds flavour to dishes through its edible leaves, flowers, and seeds. The seeds are particularly valued for their subtle flavour and are often used in pickling, vinaigrettes, and marinades.

  • why it's special:

    • This variety is resistant to bolting if you *occasionally* forget to water.
    • Grows fast in containers and you can be enjoying fresh herbs.
    • Blooms a small yellow flower which is very pleasing. 
    • Approx 150 seeds per packet
    • Easily grown on windowsills and in containers.