Seed Pack - Coriander Flat Leaf

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  • £3.25

These beautifully packaged seeds are a perfect little gift to inspire a home cutting garden, for anyone with a window box or garden.

Plant the seeds near your kitchen for easy picking and zesty flavours.

Refreshing, feather-like leaf garden herb.

Coriander... Cilantro - is a herb known by a couple of names but one distinct flavour. A short-lived but well-appreciated herb (by most!), Coriander is easy to grow and delivers on flavour, which makes up for its short drop into the party.

why it's special:

  • Great for your garden health, repelling aphids and other garden pests.
  • Grows fast in containers and you can be enjoying fresh herbs.
  • Resistant to most garden diseases, so lots of healthy leaves.
  • Approximately 150 seeds per pack