Scrunchems Tutti Frutti Squish Bounce Ball

  • £3.75

Need to mellow out? This mesmerizing Scrunchems Gobstopper Squish Bounce Ball excites your eyes while it soothes your soul. The Scrunchems Gobstopper Squish Bounce Ball makes for an exciting sensory experience.

A rubber-like gel-filled ball that's packed with swirling, tutti frutti shapes. Give the ball a squeeze and its sides will bulge. This brightly coloured fruity design sensory ball is the perfect tool to help anyone unwind and relieve stress. It's super squidgy and irresistible to squeeze.

They’re bursting with tutti frutti shapes, colours and textures that are sure to keep you entertained all day. Made with a soft rubber-like gel that offers the perfect texture for squeezing and relaxing; the best part is that they're designed to spring back into shape, so your stress-relieving squishing experience never has to end!
With an eye-catching design, burst of bright colors and funky shapes—these squish balls are sure to bring a smile to kids of any age. Whether you’re playing at work or school, waiting in line, or unwinding at home—Scrunchems Tutti Frutti Squish Ball offers hours of fun!

Age 3+