Bombay Duck

Cocktails - Wire Word

Turn a corner of your kitchen into something a little more chic. Mine's a Manhattan... Tell it like it is with our gold electroplated wire words! Use them to add sass to a bar or kitchen work surface or anywhere else that takes your fancy. Why not? It's always 5 o'clock somewhere! What makes these words so special are the matching coloured screws included with each one, to make sure no metal screw-heads spoil the uniform colour, and the way that the wire tubing sits an inch off the wall casting a little shadow - literally standing out from the crowd!

  • Iron Electroplated
  • H 12 x W 48 x D 1.5 cm
  • Supplied with matching gold colour wall mount screws & tubes so the word can sit slightly away from the wall, giving a shadow effect

    Bombay Duck Products: all products are originally designed, brightly coloured and almost all are still made by hand in India, using century-old methods and skills - excellent workmanship. The workforce is fairly paid and decently treated and wherever possible, the greener option is chosen; from shipping, to the dyes used, and the 100% recycled filling of the cushions.