Folding Laptop Brush

The first Redecker brushes were made in Germany in 1935, by Freidel Redecker, who mastered the art of brush-making after going blind in childhood. Three generations of Redeckers later, the name still stands for sustainability, quality, practicality and craftsmanship. The company is world-renowned for using natural, ecologically sourced materials, transformed with traditional techniques to produce brushes which are luxurious, full of character, combining function with form - brushes which will last.

This folding double brush is made from oiled beechwood, set with 2 rows of goat hair on one side and black bristle on the other. The strong, dark brush easily reaches in between the keys of your laptop or computer. The light, soft side removes dust from the monitor. What's more, it folds and fits into any pocket or laptop bag, so it is always to hand - indispensable and a perfect stocking filler.
L: 7.5cm