Garden Knife Number 8

  • £12.95

The famous Opinel No. 8 Gardening Knife helps keep gardens clear of undesirable growth with precision and care. This is the ideal tool for weeding or picking lettuce and dandelions; its pointy toe and reinforced blade make it indispensable in the garden.

A pleasure to use, this pruning knife has a smooth, varnished beech wood handle and a folding carbon stainless steel blade. The knife is ergonomically shaped for a smooth, precise cut and comes fitted with a secure Virbloc safety ring, locking the blade open or closed. 

A special gift that avid gardeners will cherish, add your own personal touch with an engraved message on the handle or knife blade.

The stainless steel blade is 8.5cm in length and the beech wood handle is comfortable in the hand.