Inis Diffuser Refill 100ml

  • £17.95

For over 35 years, Inis have been creating perfumes and personal care inspired by the nature, beauty and magic of Ireland.

The Energy of the Sea by Inis is a fragrance reed diffuser inspired by the revitalizing sensations of the seaside. Inis are based on the east coast of Ireland in a picturesque converted farmhouse in County Wicklow, where the reed diffuser fragrance has been made. The beauty and magic of the Irish natural landscape inspires all Inis products, including this uplifting marine-scented fragrance.

Energy by the Sea is Inis's signature scent and it was originally rooted in a specific stretch of Irish coastline at Roundstone Beach on the western coast of Ireland. It is so well loved because, no matter where you are, the scent never fails to transport you to the bright blue sea. Place the reed diffuser in any room in the home, and the room will feel as peaceful and refreshing as a gentle stroll along a sunny beach.

The scent itself is clean and light, but not weak. It is comprised of citrus top notes, lily of the valley heart notes, and sandalwood and clove base notes. The mixture of the zingy and refreshing along with the warming and earthy perfectly captures the mood of a beautiful wild coastline which is full of the awe inspiring power of nature.

This reed diffuser refill would be lovely for your own home or as a gift for someone who loves Inis. Simply fill up your diffuser, and all day the fragrance will be spread outwards via the fibre wick reeds.

Further details:

Paraben free

Never tested on animals

Volume: 100ml/3.3 fl. oz.