Fountain Pen Kaweco Perkeo - Breezy Teal

  • £16.95

Kaweco writing instruments stand for German quality and design. These tried and trusted products have been made with care, using modern materials and colours - since 1883.

In Kaweco's historical records, the PERKEO model can be found as early as 1900, in the form of an eye- dropper, in a catalogue of the Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik (dip pen factory). Today, the PERKEO is Kaweco's entry-level model. It stands out due to its ergonomic grip, octagonal cap and hexadecagon-shaped barrel. 

Visually, the octagonal cap and the 16-sided barrel harmonise perfectly with each other, as the different angles of the surfaces create a unique play of light and shadow. The ergonomic grip section and the low weight of the pen support the writer's posture and allow fatigue-proof writing fun. 

The Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen offers great quality at a great price, which makes it ideal for beginners in school or the field of high-quality writing. It comes with a Kaweco ink cartridge included and can also be used with a Kaweco Standard Ink Converter.

We’re huge fans of this range of pens at Previous and use them ourselves on a daily basis. Very cool gifts - great for those hard-to-buy for teens and young adults.

Brand: Kaweco

Nib: Medium