Beard / Moustache Brush

  • £10.50
The first Redecker brushes were made in Germany in 1935, by Freidel Redecker, who mastered the art of brush-making after going blind in childhood. Three generations of Redeckers later, the name still stands for sustainability, quality, practicality and craftsmanship. The company is world-renowned for using natural, ecologically sourced materials, transformed with traditional techniques to produce brushes which are luxurious, full of character, combining function with form - brushes which will last.

Moustache-shaped oiled beechwood, with extra strong, black wild boar bristles, this fabulous brush keeps your beard and/or moustache tidy. Regular brushing also helps prevent in-growing hairs. Pocket-sized and travel-friendly, this is a perfect gift for a beardy friend or relation.