Lottie Dolls

Lottie Doll: Story Time

  • Lottie is much more than a princess fashionista, encouraging children to enjoy an active unplugged childhood, full of adventure. This popular toy champions childhood inclusivity and diversity encouraging kids to pursue lives free from limitations regardless of background, gender, ethnicity or ability. Lottie Dolls are a range of relatable dolls that are inspired by children to empower and celebrate childhood. Lottie isnt a slave to lurid pink and she isnt interested in being a mini-adult. Shes like any 9 year old little girl. With a huge focus on promoting STEM subjects, the dolls present interests in Astronomy, Photography, Activism and Art, to name just a few.
    • Includes a retro inspired outfit that can be changed between Lottie dolls
    • 18cm tall
    • Presented in a beautiful animal themed gift box with handle
    • Based on a child’s physique to promote body positivity 
    • Not suitable for children under 3 years