Shepherds of Sweden

Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover

Sheepskin has been used since ancient times to warm and care for the feet. Since sheepskin is one of the softest and finest materials nature has to offer. Shepherd of Sweden is inspired by nature, a family run firm who have been working with sheepskin for over 70 years, making sheepskin goods to an exceptional standard. They work out of their own factories in the UK and Europe, so they are able to ensure that everything is done in a socially responsible manner. 

A simple and beautifully designed hot water bottle sleeve with half zip: whether you're hunkering down in bed, or on the sofa, this Sheepskin hot water bottle cover will keep you all super warm and should last a lifetime. Also very comforting for muscle pain, abdominal cramps, back and neck tension.

Dimensions: Fits a standard British Hot Water Bottle. (Please note that the hot water bottle is not included)