Cambridge Imprint

Pocket Notebook - Persephone Pale Pink and Raspberry

  • £4.50

Cambridge Imprint is a small paper-making business in Cambridge, England, designing and printing patterned paper. It is known for beautiful colours, joyful illustration and typography, a lively, hand-drawn aesthetic, and meticulous attention to detail.

Using simple hand-stencilled screen-printing to create original designs, Cambridge Imprint employ spot-colour lithography to replicate the studio process in manufacturing the final paper product. The result is a matte paper of unparalleled intensity and clarity of colour. A simple Pocket Notebook, A6, a handy size for slipping into your bag, for keeping notes or making lists. They have 64 pages of good quality ivory paper with an elegant narrow line and plain end papers.

The covers of smooth cream card are litho-printed with beautiful colours hand-mixed to our specifications. The design runs over the front, narrow spine, and back cover without any branding or fussy labelling. There is a simple Cambridge Imprint stamp on the inside back cover.