Shape J Blue Tortoiseshell Screen Reading Glasses

  • £34.00

Award-winning brand IZIPIZI was created in 2010 to help people who are struggling with reading a menu, a contract, filling in a cheque, arms not long enough...Based in the Marais in the centre of Paris, these are top quality, very carefully designed glasses, made in optical factories; lightweight and very comfortable, they have sprung arms and a soft touch 'rubber' feel - far superior to the usual off-the-peg offering.

Each pair comes in a smart grey felt pouch and robust presentation box. Izipizi produce a range of flattering and very cool colours. Focal strength varies from +1.0 to +3 - available from our drop down menu. All Izipizi styles are unisex, so are suitable for both men and women. Care: As with all specs and sunglasses, avoid putting them on your head, as this weakens the frame.

All “LED screens” (smartphones, tablets, computer screens, TVs, etc.) emit a “blue light” which is particularly harmful to eyes. Equipped with lenses that filter 40% of this blue light, the #SCREEN collection makes everyday life more comfortable, protects your eyes and guarantees you a very fashionable look - comfort and style guaranteed. Stay connected with complete peace of mind!