Herbal Teas Seed Set

These beautifully packaged seeds are a perfect little gift to inspire a home cutting garden, for anyone with a window box or garden.

Seeds to grow your own herbal brews.

Relish in the aroma of freshly picked herbal teas. Grow from a selection of seeds curated for soothing qualities to benefit the immune system, digestion and mind.

why it's special:

  • Contains 3 seed packets to grow: Roman Chamomile, Echinacea and Moroccan Mint.
  • All varieties are perennials offering more flowers each year.
  • Easily can be grown in pots or windowsills.

good to know:

Plant LightSun + shade

Windowsill PlantFuss free

PlantFast growing

Botanical names: Matricaria chamomilla, Echinacea purpurea + Mentha stenostachya
Open pollinated, GMO free seeds.