Glow in the Dark Slime

  • £3.95
  • Who doesn’t love slime? There’s the weirdly-satisfying feeling as the cold, green goo drips between your fingers. Or you can do that thing with it, where you put it in the pot and push with your fingers to create a range of disgusting (and surprisingly-accurate) sounds.
    Perfect for budding scientists, this slime also absorbs light from any source to glow in the dark. The slime has that familiar pale colour of other glow in the dark products, but expose it to a light source and it glows a luminescent green when placed in a dark area. The glowing effect can be observed through the container or with the putty placed on a surface.
    Safe, non-toxic, and in line with all EU toy safety regulations. Test reports and official certifications can be made available upon request – see below for more details.

    • Pot is approx. 6cms (H) x 5cms (D)
    • 5+
    • Spillages can be cleaned with warm water and vinegar