10 Cubes Puzzle Funny

  • £15.95

Founded in France in 1954, Djeco is a family business, firmly focused on creativity, education and fun, producing traditional, yet innovative toys, with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. Their quality products are beautifully and carefully designed and and are adored by kids and adults alike.

10 Funny Block Cubes For Infants is a classic stacking toy for infants, including 10 stacking blocks in thick cardboard, which are lightweight so they fall safely if the stack topples over. Each cube comes in bright, vivid colours with images for toddlers to absorb: animals, toddlers doing different activities, numbers and objects to count, and animal characters climbing a ladder. 

Babies and toddlers will build fine motor skills as they hold and stack the cubes, and develop matching skills as they attempt to stack them in the right order. The blocks can also be used to help teach babies the words for familiar objects and counting to ten. A great gift for a first or second birthday as a first puzzle!

Age: 12 months +

Box Size: 15 x 15 x 15cm