Nailkind Nail Strengthener - Tough Love

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  • £11.95

This is an industry-leading range that’s up to 85% bio-sourced, natural origin, vegan, animal + planet friendly AND has high performance - gorgeous colours that are also kind on nails. 

NAIL KIND is a multi-award winning formula: If you love intense shiny shades, conscious beauty and natural caring ingredients, then this brand is definitely for you.

Strength is beauty! Take the short cut to beautiful nails. This gentle and caring nail strengthener packs a punch of stronger, more nourished and healthier nails.


  • Restores strength
  • Nourishes nails
  • Helps protect the nail against external aggressions
  • Reinforces nails natural barrier and softens their surface


Apply twice a week. Remove between each application. 

Purity & bio-sourced standard.  Halal compliance. Certified by International Halal Integrity Alliance.  


  • Easy to apply
  • Quick dry formula