Lottie Dolls

Canoe Adventure: Lottie Doll

  • We're going to give canoeing a try, this weekend!
  • This playset includes a canoe, 2 wetsuits, 2 paddles, 2 fishing rods with fish & life jackets.

Lottie is much more than a princess fashionista, encouraging children to enjoy an active unplugged childhood, full of adventure. This popular toy champions childhood inclusivity and diversity encouraging kids to pursue lives free from limitations regardless of background, gender, ethnicity or ability. 

Suitable for age 3+


  • Canoe
  • 2 Paddles
  • 2 Wet suits
  • 2 Life jackets: one red, one yellow.
  • 2 Fishing rods with fish

Dolls not included.