Lick The Spoon

Box of 12 Liqueur Cherries in Dark Chocolate

  • £12.50

 Lick The Spoon was founded by a husband and wife team, these award-winning chocolates have been enjoyed by Prime Ministers, members of the Royal family, and many celebrities. It is a small family run business, based here in Corsham, that connects closely with cocoa farmers and chocolate makers in Madagscar and supporters of Raisetrade.

The proof of the pudding of course, is in the eating - we promise that these are amongst the best chocs you've ever had. Obviously we have to try them all in the interests of customer service...

The famous gold award winning Liqueur Cherries in Dark Chocolate from our botanical collection have now evolved into a new 12 liqueur cherry chocolate box. Now encapsulated in a beautiful dark chocolate dome. We take specially selected tender morello cherries soaked in Kirsch, envelop them in a soft fondant and surround them in a decadently dark chocolate dome for a sophisticated take on a classic Christmas favourite.